SUPER Strength Vegan OLE 120 Capsules 750mg
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SUPER Strength Vegan OLE 120 Capsules 750mg

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A Full 4 Month Supply


(Taking 1 capsule per day)

We have a "very high quality" product and intend to keep it this way and we are also proud to indroduce our New Vegan Capsules! 





We Guarantee the Purity & Potency!!


This is a NON-Organic Product. It comes from an area that typically does NOT use presticides and is from the Mediterranean area. We have seen no difference for this type of product.

Read below.... and see if this product is used properly it can be of great benefit to just about anyone! In our busy lives today we all have some sort of health issue to deal with, whether we know it or not and this product can give you some relief and benefits like NO other! Most companies that even offer anything close to this product don't come close to even having the 750 MG or the amount of Oleuropein that we have in each capsule! 


The olive leaf actually comes from a tiny evergreen tree that is native to the Mediterranean regions. It's medicinal uses date all the way back to over 6,000 years ago! The olive leaf has even been referred to in scriptural passages as “the tree of life”.

Around 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates who is acknowledged as the “father of medicine” prescribed concentrated olive oil extracted from the olive leaf for numerous health conditions, such as muscular pain, ulcers, and intestinal infections.
Olive leaf today is used for many other conditions, infections and/or diseases.
YOU can rest assure our olive leaf extract has the most potent ingredients, making this probably one of the best and most effective Olive Leaf Extracts in the world!




What to expect when you first take this product

If you have never taken Olive Leaf Extract before then you must be aware of the Herxheimer’s reaction before taking this supplement. This usually lasts up to 1 hour after this capsule has been taken and absorbed in the body. The symptoms include: headaches, diarrhea and greater fatigue than normal. These are normal symptoms, especially if you have an illness such as the flu, which could intensify these symptoms temporarily. These symptoms are generally called detox reactions which occur because olive leaf extract starts fighting with germs too vigorously.  The main function of this product is to fight infections, but sometimes the bodies organs may get overloaded with dead microbes. We recommend drinking several glasses of water to help flush out these microbes in the first few hours of consuming this product.  If you have never had a detox you will likely have built up many free radicals, toxins and of course pathogens that need to be cleansed out. This is all part of the natural process of the body. If you have the common cold or flu, you may take this product twice in 1 day, spaced out over 6-8 hour periods.






*IMPORTANT* Helpful tips on using Super Strength Olive Leaf Extract



The recommended dosage is 1 capsule every other day when you first start to take this product. After you get use to this product you can take this product every day. It is important to take 1 full week off each month when using this product. After a 30 day period of taking this product, it’s best to take a full week off. This product has a very high potency and has been preserved in a cool environment. The product is recommended to be used within 3-6 months after the bottle has been opened.  However, the product can last up to 2 years. If you refrigerate the product it can help maintain its potency, but it is recommended to NOT take this product and consume it directly from the refrigerator. So in other words, it must NOT be cold. It must be taken at room temperature for best results.


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